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Pots, Pans, & Parkers

Paper Book Wreath

It’s amazing what a crafty mormon can do with a glue gun! This is by far my favorite wreath I have made yet. It’s relatively easy, but it just takes a bit of patience. Start our with a basic straw wreath and leave the plastic on, the paper will adhere better to the plastic wrap. Find an old book and cut out the pages in…

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Graphic Design in my Spare Time

I’ve got this gigantic 4 and a half week break from school and I have tried to keep myself occupied. I made a quilt so far and now I’m starting to get into some graphic design. I opened my first Etsy shop with some of my creations and they probably won’t sell, but at least I have something to do. I’m also preparing my lesson…

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More Ruffles Please

It’s no secret that Jack and I live in a pretty old and crummy apartment, but where’s the fun in starting married life in a classy apartment? Just kidding, that would actually be really nice… Anyways, we have a tinsy tiny closet and we took the doors off so it would be easier to access, which meant that we were staring at all of the…

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DIY Glass Vases

It’s no secret that I am obsessed with fun vases from DI! How could you not be? They’re adorable and so cheap! I’ve never paid over a dollar for one. Sure, they may be a little dirty; that’s nothing a good cleaning can’t fix. But, I was getting a little bored of just the plain blah glass, so I decided to squeeze a little paint…

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