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Pots, Pans, & Parkers

More Ruffles Please


It’s no secret that Jack and I live in a pretty old and crummy apartment, but where’s the fun in starting married life in a classy apartment? Just kidding, that would actually be really nice… Anyways, we have a tinsy tiny closet and we took the doors off so it would be easier to access, which meant that we were staring at all of the junk that we keep on the top shelf. So, I came up with the brilliant idea to cover it up with a glorified bed sheet.

That’s right, a glorified flat sheet from Walmart that is cheap beyond belief! I started out cutting about 6 in strips length wise on the sheet. After cutting how ever many six inch strips that you want, go ahead and sew a lose seam along the top edge and pull to gather. DO NOT BACKSTITCH! To put it all together, I sewed each individual ruffle onto an extra piece of fabric. And Presto! You have an adorable bunch of ruffles to hang in from of your ugly closet, or you could make them into really cute curtains!

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