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Pots, Pans, & Parkers

Paper Book Wreath


It’s amazing what a crafty mormon can do with a glue gun! This is by far my favorite wreath I have made yet. It’s relatively easy, but it just takes a bit of patience. Start our with a basic straw wreath and leave the plastic on, the paper will adhere better to the plastic wrap. Find an old book and cut out the pages in 4 inches x 3.5 inches rectangles. You might need 2 books depending on the size of your wreath. I used an old marriage advice book that my mom had laying around and The Nanny Diaries (I found it at DI for $2.00). Make sure that if you need two books match the shade of the paper and the font type.

Role the papers and hold in half while still keeping the cylindrical shape on both ends. Then just glue like crazy! I used a hot glue gun and I didn’t have any mess or problems. Like I said, this craft is very easy, but it will take time. I just laid the P on the top of the rolls and just glued it like crazy and applied quite a bit of pressure. Feel free to email me with questions if you have any.