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10 Tips for Your Wedding Day


Everyone knows that there are certain priorities that are included in a wedding day, they are

  • The fact that you’re getting married!
  • The Photographs
  • The Dress

These tips will ensure for a perfect wedding day and beautiful pictures to look back on for the rest of your life. The following pictures include good and bad examples for this helpful tips, pictures with pink checks are good examples, pictures with pink arrows are bad examples.

1. Don’t be afraid of make-up

The best strategy when deciding on the make up for your wedding day is to go over the top and go with darker shades than your normal choice.  A large majority of your wedding photos will be taken from a short distance and the darker the make up will look like an appropriate amount from that distance.

2. Pull Your Shoulders Back

You should be a beautiful poise woman on your wedding day. A great way to accomplish that is to pull your shoulders back and put them down. This will emphasis your collar bone and give the appearance of a slimmer face.

3. Keep Your Chin Down

Despite the common phrase that you have heard your entire life, today is the day to keep your chin down. Tilting your face downward will show off your check bones and slim your face.

4. Arms Out

We all have them, the flabby arms that just can seem to become perfectly toned. You can achieve the perfectly toned look in your pictures by propping your arms away from your side and hovering about an inch away from your torso.  It will feel slightly unnatural, but it will give your pictures a much more formal look and your arms will be lookin good!

5. Bouquet Placement

This is one of my biggest pet peeves! When I go to a wedding and I see the bride awkwardly throwing her bouquet around every which way. Your bouquet does not belong directly under your chin or any lower than your belly button. Your arms should be bent between 110-135 degree angle, depending on your height, and the head of your bouquet should be above your navel. This will properly display your bouquet.

6. Please, DO NOT hold your dress

The average bride spends about $700-$800 on her perfect wedding gown. If you are in love with every detail of this dress, then SHOW IT OFF. Don’t hold the bottom of your dress up as you walk around greeting all of your guests.  Holding up the back un of your dress will distort the shape and appearance of the dress. Show off your trail, you’re only going to wear it once, so let everyone admire its entire beauty. And that little loop of ribbon that many brides find underneath their dress and assume it’s for them to place around your arm…WRONG. The only reason that loop exists is so that the bridal shops can hang the train of the dress up on the hanger. Please, just put your dress down, let it flow, and if it gets dirty, oh well.

7. Take that hand off of your hip

Hand on the hip is a fun pose when you’re going out with the girls and you want to look sassy, it is not the ideal pose for your wedding day. You should have one hand occupied with a bouquet and the other should be in your hubby’s hand or around his waist.

8. Alter Your Dress Properly

The majority of wedding dresses are made for a woman who is 5’9” and has broad shoulders. A good majority of us do not fit that description, so alterations are necessary. Spend the money to have your dress altered, it is worth it. Bring your shoes that you plan on wearing on your wedding day to your alteration appointment so the correct hem can be sew on your wedding dress. Your dress should barely touch the floor while you are standing straight up, or possibly hover above the floor about 1/4 inch-1/2 inch.

9. Baby it’s Cold Outside

Winter weddings can be beautiful! The snow is simple and elegant and makes for great pictures. All of your guests will be bundled up in coats, but that doesn’t mean that you should be as well. I’ve been seeing the wedding cape come back and I do not like it! It needs to stop! It was 10 degrees on my wedding day and I had a short cap sleeve on my dress and I went without a cape because I wanted to show off my dress, not cover it up! A great solution is space blankets! They are incredibly warm and easy to throw on and off during your pictures.

10. Yay! We’re Married, let’s throw cake at each other!

No, just no. The cake smashing into each others face has got to end. I was so relieved when my husband told me that he wouldn’t smash the cake into my face on our wedding day. I feel that it is just so disrespectful to each other and it’s awkward for your guests to watch. Some people just take it way to far and end up in a full fledged war… there are much better  ways to let your spouse know that you love them rather than shoving cake into their face. Plus, your face is sticky for the next day and a half from all of the sugar inside of the frosting.

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