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Pots, Pans, & Parkers

A blogging lull


A blogging lull; common in the blogging world right? Well, I guess I’ve experienced mine and I’m ready to get back to it. So, let’s catch up.


A month full of highs and lows. We were in the process of closing for our first home and we ran into so many issues. After the previous owner threatening to pull out because of our lenders poor timing, somehow we managed to close within the last week of March. After owning the house for no more than 5 hours we had already started knocking down walls and ripped up all of the carpet.


In April I started my new job working at a personal injury law firm as an administrative assistant. I love my job! I’ve learned so many great new things and I work with some fantastic people.

The majority of this rainy month was spent stuck in our project of a house for months. We moved in and pretty much lived in our bedroom with our mattress on the floor. Everything we ate came out of our microwave. Here is just a small list of some of our projects.

  • gutting the entire kitchen
  • scraping off popcorn ceilings and retexturing all of the ceilings
  • painting every single freakin wall and ceiling
  • laying plank flooring
  • hanging all new cabinets and installing new appliances

We are now working on finishing the molding and millwork throughout the house.


Mid May we received the disappointing news that my Grandpa Bezzant passed away after some complications with surgery. We gathered together in Utah to celebrate his life. It was beautiful to see how because of him, we have such a large, wonderful and fun family. We miss him dearly.


July started off with a bang. We took a trip to California for the Fourth. Our family traveled to Lake Almanor for a fun weekend with the family. Once we got back to Washington the rest of the month was too hot to do anything!


Oh August, I month I wish to forget. We were just started to feel settled into our new home and a good routine. One night someone decided to try to break into our home…aka my worst nightmare. Calvin started barking very quietly at 3:30 am. I asked Jack to get up and check the house when he could hear someone at the door pushing against it. He yelled through the door and they ran away. The police came and inspected the area with no luck. I was so confused, we live in such a safe neighborhood, but the police told us that, ultimately, everyone is at risk. Luckily, they caught the woman who tried to break in and our home is now safe with a new security system and a new door with three locks… yes it’s overkill, I know.


In February, I decided to share our fertility struggles. We found out this month that will not be able to conceive naturally. We are moving forward with this emotional rollercoaster sometime in the new year. We are grateful for all of the support, love and kind words that we have received.


After trying to cope with everything going on, we decided to get a second dog. Smart right? Why not just throw another life change in the mix? Well, we ended up adopting two different dogs before we found our sweet Cassie. The first two dogs had issues that we didn’t anticipate so we had to give them back. Cassie came to us from Mexico! She and 2 of her siblings were found as young puppies stranded on a beach in Cabo. She is only 6 months old and she is just a bundle of joy. Her and Calvin are becoming the best of friends.

We are happily anticipating the Holiday season and spending time with family and friends, and hopefully, I will get back to blogging. Thank you for reading my novel!