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Adventures of Hair Dye


Let me just start out this post by saying, NEVER EVER EVER USE BOX DYE!

I had the brilliant idea to dye my hair a couple shades darker for the upcoming fall season. So, my husband and I went to Wal-Mart and purchased a dark blonde box dye. After we finished the process of squirting, rubbing and washing, my hair didn’t look any different. I was so frustrated! I was still blonde as could be. We went back to Wal-Mart and bought something much darker! My husband was kind enough to stay up and dye my hair until almost midnight.

After repeating the dye process, the top of my hair was just what I wanted! However, the bottom took on a very unnatural ashy brown…not cute at all! Even after styling and a second wash I just wasn’t liking it. Sadly, I didn’t take any pictures showing it’s ugliness because I was ashamed. I immediately made an appointment with a salon nearby. I spent over 3 hours adding in multiple colors of highlights and lowlights. It still wasn’t exactly what I wanted but Jack and I were going out to dinner and I needed to leave, so I said that I liked it and dropped some serious bones. After a short cry on my way home and advice from others I made another appointment hoping that she wouldn’t charge me extra money.

I walked in and told her the issues I had with my hair and she understood. She told me that she would just apply a little toner and my hair would be beautiful. Well, one hour later after “toning”, it still looked awful! She had to consult 3 other stylists for advice. They all said “Add red”. Now, I’m not talking a nice strawberry blonde, I’m talking RED! You can imagine my nerves were skyrocketing at this point. Watching her squirt a bottle of cherry red goop onto my hair was not fun. But, it worked!!! She told me never to use box dye again. She explained to me all about how they use metallic dye that will only pull orange or grey out of your hair. Lesson learned! After 2 box dyes, 1 highlight/lowlight and 2 tones, my hair is just what I wanted!

And she didn’t charge me any extra money! YES!

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  • Chelsey Bartleson

    Woah. Your hair is pretty, but SO different! I hate box dye. They also use ingredients that oftentimes aren’t even legal in other countries!