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Pots, Pans, & Parkers

Kicking off the New Year with Last Years Holidays


A Happy New Year to all of my readers! I hope you all had wonderful holidays and spent it with those you love. Jack and I were able to go to California this year to be with some of my family. We had such a fun time playing with nieces and nephews and enjoyed the California warmth.

We woke up early Christmas morning to open our stockings and eat our traditional cinnamon roll wreath and egg casserole that my mom put together for us. Then, we opened our presents and had loads of fun. I’m pretty proud of myself for buying Jack something that he never thought he wanted, a remote control helicopter! He had so much fun all morning and he’s a pro at flying it! Jack got me the cutest leather coat and an awesome apple peeler and corer! Now apple crisp will be a breeze to make. We kept the Christmas tradition of eating chimichangas for dinner with my family and I enjoyed every bite. My moms chimichanga’s may be my favorite meal that she makes.

The day after Christmas, we spent the day out and about shopping at IKEA and the Galleria. We finally found a couch that Jack and I could both agree on for when we are ready to furnish our living room. IKEA is my happy place, I could spend hours in that place. It’s just so beautiful and full of everything that I want and love. After IKEA, we headed to the mall and it was crazy crowded, but the sales were awesome! Jack bought some new shoes and I got some new clothing.

The next day we headed to San Francisco and started out the day with Boudin’s amazing bread bowls and clam chowder. We walked around and saw the Bush man, spray paint artists and the world famous seals. We went to the aquarium and Lombard street. We ended our day going to the North Beach district at the most amazing little restaurant that you would have never guessed was good just by the outside. It’s called Sodini’s and it you are ever looking for amazing Italian, it’s the place to go. Even just their plain cheese pizza was amazing!

As we approached the beginning of a new year back in Washington, we spent the night playings many different games with Jacks family and watching the ball drop and counted down from ten to welcome in the new year. Jack swept me off of my feet and gave me my new years kiss.

We are looking forward to the adventures that lie ahead for 2014 and our first anniversary in a few days! I hope you all enjoy this new year and keep at least 50% of your new resolutions. I’ve given up on making resolutions, I never keep them and they are never that sincere anyways. I hope you’re all more dedicated than I am.