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Meet Calvin


A little over a month ago our family grew with the addition of our sweet little Calvin.

Our evening started out just by going to the Oregon Humane Society to check out the dogs and get an idea of what dog would be best for our family, and when we could make it happen (we had no intentions of bringing a dog home that night). Side note, Oregon Humane Society is AMAZING! If you’re looking to adopt an animal, go there first. They are so kind to the animals there and they are so helpful with partnering families with an animal that is the best fit with them.

As we walked through the different rooms we were making a list of all of the dogs that we wanted to meet. We had well over 10 dogs, so we went through the rooms once more to cut down our list to five dogs that we wanted to visit with in the play room. Three of the dogs that we wanted to see were on hold so we knew there was a possibility that they would not be available much longer. We saw two dogs and I was getting discouraged. One was too terrified to come near us and the other was so hyper and peeing on everything and wouldn’t take the time to be with us.  At this point the only dogs we had left on our meet and greet list were on hold for someone who had come in earlier to meet with the dog and possibly thought about adopting them.

Bernard was our third dog, the scruffiest dog in the shelter! He was a rescue that was brought in from Los Angeles and we weren’t given much information about him, just because there wasn’t any. Once we got into the play room I kneeled on the floor to play with Bernard and he crawled into my lap. I was ready to cry and I looked up and Jack and that was the moment that we realized that we would be bringing a dog into our home that night.

We asked about when Bernard’s hold would expire and that’s when we knew that it was meant to be. We played with him from about 5:20-5:45. The hold expired at 5:35! Yup, he was meant to be a part of our family. After filling out all of the paperwork we were on our way home with our new little doggie!

We snapped this photo in the car ride home. Our messy hair matched 🙂

After a couple days Jack and I decided to change his name to Calvin. We had a couple of moments when we couldn’t even remember the name Bernard! He made himself at home very quickly.

The first picture below is our first night together before we went to bed. After we took this picture he crawled right into his kennel and curling up and went to bed.

Calvin loves to sleep, run down the hallway and dance for milkbones! Fun fact: he sleeps on his back with this paws up in the air!


Calvin has a little orange stuffed animal that we named Hobbes and it’s his favorite toy, he even sleeps with it!



He doesn’t mind having a bath, but the best part is play time after the bath! He scrubs his face and chest on the floor and runs around like crazy!



There is nothing that Calvin love’s more than his bed! It doesn’t matter what room your pull his bed into, he will follow it around. He likes to pull the pillow out and hide his rawhide underneath it. On days when he is feeling extra cuddly, he loves to curl up on my lap and snuggle the day away.

Within our first three days of having him, he stepped on a bee while we were at the park and wouldn’t stop crying. A couple days later, we discovered that he has an allergy to grass (great right? a dog allergic to grass). He loves going to work with Daddy and playing with some of the other dogs in the office. He even has a girlfriend named Laila. And our latest adventure was a day at the beach.

He enjoyed the shallow water until a wave that was about belly high, hit him. It was a shocker and he didn’t have any interest in the water after that. He loved chasing after the seagulls and running in the sand. I think his favorite part was jumping up against my pants with his dirty paws 😛 Good thing I didn’t mind having some sandy pants.

We love having Calvin in our family! He is better than we could have ever imagined! He loves to play with the kiddos at the park. He minds his manners and is very protective of me. His sweet little face brightens my day.

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