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Pots, Pans, & Parkers

My Weekend As a Photographer

As I have mentioned before, I love photography, but I have never photographed a wedding, and boy was I nervous! I mean, this is someones wedding day we are talking about here! But I have to toot my own horn here and say that I did pretty darn good! I had so much fun photographing Chris and Courtney’s engagements and wedding! They are so much…

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Happy Pioneer Day!

Happy Pioneer Day! Jack and I celebrated by going to Hand Carts Days at a local park near our apartment. There was all sorts of crazy fun including Farris Wheels, Rock Climbing Walls, Bounce Houses and LOTS of fried food! We had so much fun watching all of the floats in the parade! People were throwing candy, otter pops and Lion House was passing out…

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Meet Max!

Meet the newest member of our rat family, Max! He’s our first baby boy and he is quite the handful. He loves to play and wrestle with Jack. Luckily, he should be calming down in a few weeks. He does love to snuggle with me occasionally, but we just play for the most part. I’m pretty sure that he thinks that we are his own…

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Getting to Know Us!

My name is Katie and my cute hubby is Jack! We met on August 5, 2012 at a family dinner. Now, I know that sounds a little funny but, Jack’s best friend is married to my cousin and they were the ones who invited him to the family dinner. We later went on our first date to Gloria’s Little Italy in Provo, Utah and had…

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