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Pots, Pans, & Parkers

The Coder and His Quilter


If I haven’t mentioned this before, I’m really good at sewing. I’m just not a fan of how spendy it is, but I decided it would be worth it for a project to do during my three week break for school. Luckily, when Jack and I took a trip to California a couple weeks ago, my mom was kind enough to buy me some adorable fabrics!

Now, normally I get so excited about a quilt and I just go, go,go without planning things out. This time, I took things a little more slowly to be more efficient. I laid out my fabric multiple times to make sure it was perfect; no duplications of combinations in any surrounding pieces of fabric. I took the time to envision how everything would fit together and drew it out then created a digital file.

While I was explaining my planning process to Jack during dinner last night he related it to coding. He stares at code all day long to try to figure out how to make things look the “pretty” as he would say. Sometimes he just has to take a step back and draw everything out, think outside the box and look at the whole picture. I guess you could say it’s the same thing, just completely different. 😉 I love when he comes home from work and tells me all about this new function that he figured out. He sits me down and shows me what he did and the code that he wrote. My favorite is when he writes me love notes in code and explains how they work. My husband is the best! He’s so silly and I love it.

My original purpose in this post was to talk about my newest quilt project, but I guess it just turned into me bragging about my husband! Oh well! Feel free to email me with any quilting/sewing questions, or leave your comments below.