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Pots, Pans, & Parkers

Welcome to our new place!


Thank goodness that IKEA’s furniture is stylish and CHEAP!

When Jack and I moved from Utah about 8 months ago we got rid of a good majority of our furniture, so we furnished just about our entire apartment with IKEA furniture. Talk about a dream come true; buying everything that looks even remotely cute from IKEA; ya I was in Heaven. Lets start this tour!

Our entry way is a skinny hallway, so I hung up the Parker banner to stretch the length of the hallway with a few of my favorite pictures of me and Jack in my favorite IKEA frames.

Possibly my favorite purchase was our new couch! Any of you that saw our old apartment know that our last couch wasn’t the best. I searched far and wide for the perfect grey couch, and this one couldn’t be any better.

Check out the cute graphic I made with the Bountiful temple! I’m thinking about selling it on Etsy. It includes one of my favorite scriptures, Joshua 24:15.

My basket weave lights brought in the perfect amount of white into the living room to contrast the black furniture. Also, did anyone notice are cute little bulldog? I bought it for Jack as a gag gift since we don’t want to pay the extra rent for a dog, but it’s pretty darn cute!

Check out the entertainment set up! This is the only furniture that we saved from the move. Luckily, it worked well with everything else, including our new flatscreen! Talk about a huge upgrade from our old dinosaur beasty tv!

Our dining room table is just simple and serves it’s purpose. I made a cute runner and and put together a little grouping of some of my favorite decor pieces.

The black dresser is a piece that is from the cabin. I’m regretting not taking a before picture because it was quite an ugly color. The flower art in the frame also came from the cabin. It was some wallpaper that my grandma fell in love with and hung in the bathroom probably over 40 years ago. It was a tad overwhelming for a bathroom, but perfect for a little art.

My little owl is an old cabin piece as well. I just spray painted it and they are great!

Lastly, is our bedroom. I have been dying to do a green and black room and finally worked up enough guts to do it, and I love it! I chose to do all white furniture with the white bedspread and  it contrasts the black accent very well. Here are some links to all of the furniture in our bedroom.


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