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Pots, Pans, & Parkers

Summer Lovin’

For those of you who haven’t heard yet, we adopted this little sweetheart Calvin. This is the first photo shoot for the blog that I have done with him in the house and he was dying to be in at least one picture and cuddle on my lap. He even snuck into one of my test shots just looking as adorable as ever!

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Black n’ Tan

My new favorite color combo: black and tan! I I’ve had this skirt for quite a while now and I’ve had trouble figuring out how to dress it down. It’s a little more casual than some of my other skirts so I was running into some trouble. Until, I found this shirt at Ross for $9.00! Don’t ever count out the discount stores! I get…

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A New Way to Wear Your Scarf

I am in love with scarves this season! I wear them just about everyday. They are so comfortable and they add a little warmth during this chilly weather. Today I decided to do something new, I turned my scarf into a vest. It’s super easy and flattering. The length of a scarf is pretty much the same across the board but the width will vary…

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The Fringe Binge

Binge on the fringe! Now I’m not talking about adding some ridiculous trim onto the bottom of your jacket or that TV show with Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson. I’m talking about the newest tribal style fan fringe necklace I’m wearing. You can find it at Nordstroms for $55+ or you can find it on Etsy for way cheaper. I bought mine for $13. Its…

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Put A Belt On It

So I guess my secret is out. I dyed my hair this week and I’m still blonde in this picture…. I may or may not have a few posts awaiting their fame to be featured on my blog. I actually have a lot of pictures ready to be put in post form but I just haven’t had the time to put them together. Anyways, lets…

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My Obsession with my Gold Watch

I’m in love with the gold trend. If you had asked me how I felt about it 4 years ago I would go on and on about how much I hate it and how it doesn’t match anything. Well… I have changed my mind. I even slightly considered getting a gold wedding ring… But then I found mine and fell in love with it. My…

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Happy Hump Day!

Happy hump day everyone! So, this Wednesday I am taking my science final, and I’m not looking forward to it! And let’s be honest, I didn’t study very hard for it. But it doesn’t matter, because I look dang good! I know that my outfit is slightly hipster because of the glasses and that’s not really me, but I got these glasses way before they…

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Mint is in

Mint is in! And, it’s ridiculous how many of my favorite outfits include these pants! I got them from American Eagle over a year ago and they just got a little too stretched out out for my taste. I took them in a little too much, so they are pretty much spray paint pants, but I can’t help but wear them at least twice a…

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