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A New Way to Wear Your Scarf


I am in love with scarves this season! I wear them just about everyday. They are so comfortable and they add a little warmth during this chilly weather. Today I decided to do something new, I turned my scarf into a vest. It’s super easy and flattering. The length of a scarf is pretty much the same across the board but the width will vary the look of the vest. My scarf was around 17 inches wide (which is pretty skinny). Here are some step by step photos.

First, fold your scarf in half length wise.

Pull together the two top corners.

Make “Bunny Ears” and tie in a basic knot.

Make sure that your knot is tight and will hold up to the movement of your back throughout the day.

Find the finished ends of your scarf and open it up.

You can now see the two arm holes, and that’s it! Style it with your favorite necklace and some cute boots and you’re good to go!

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