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Pots, Pans, & Parkers

Mint is in


Mint is in! And, it’s ridiculous how many of my favorite outfits include these pants! I got them from American Eagle over a year ago and they just got a little too stretched out out for my taste. I took them in a little too much, so they are pretty much spray paint pants, but I can’t help but wear them at least twice a week. They go with EVERYTHING! So, don’t be surprised when you see more fashion posts with these pants. They go with polka dots, stripes, chevron, and floral in any color (for the most part). If you don’t have a pair of mint pants yet, don’t hold back on spending the money! They are worth it!

I love love love floral print, but I have a hard time finding the print that is right for me. I’m not super into retro, which seems to be most of what I can find. I was SHOCKED to find this tank at ROSS of all places for only $7.00! DEAL DEAL DEAL! And, with my modesty standards, it’s was a no brainer to pair this with my white sweater. I was asked at school one day why I look so cute all the time, and I told her that the secret is SWEATERS! Sweaters add instant style to any outfit and they make outfits modest! So, don’t forget to throw on your sweater before you walk out the door!

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